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Release Notes for Payway 4.3

Target Audience: Users, Developers, Stakeholders

Minor Releases

4.3.5 (2021-02-22)


  • PPF: Added editable statement texts for Klarna purchases made trough Adyen
  • PPF: Improved UX for accepting terms when performing a purchase.
  • Payway API: Added order_id to /invoice_order response.
  • Payway API: New API for fetching a single product. Read more here.
  • PAP: Subscription number visible on customer overview. When applicable.
  • PPF: Added support for ranged swedish addresses.

Issues fixed

  • PPF: Changed text shown for campaigns with only one purchase period.
  • Improved parsing for finnish social security numbers
  • PAP: Improved UX for the different payment states.
  • PAP: Fixed issue with text resources for payment configurations
  • PCP: Improved UX for purchase history on my account
  • PAP: Fixed issue when searching packages/campaigns by tag
  • PPF: Fixed issue with the dropbox fields not showing
  • PAP: Fixed issue where marketplaces could not be deleted
  • Klarna payments: Improved address parsing

4.3.4 (2021-02-04)

New features

  • PAP: New campaign rules: have had product and have not had product.


  • Payway API: Gender and social security number with century are now presented in the Account API and Me API

Issues fixed

  • PAP: Fixed issue where purchases done with Adyen did not show up in the account timeline.
  • PAP: Fixed issue with the text resources in the Adyen payment provider configuration.
  • Adyen: Fixed issue where Adyen-js and -css did not work on the card verification page.

4.3.3 (2021-01-14)


  • Adyen: Ability to configure Adyen-js, -css and -backend api versions in PAP payment provider configurations.

4.3.1 (2020-12-01)


  • PAP: Improved account overview with color indicators, telling you if the subscription is active, cancelled etc.
  • PAP: Improved account overview with color indication, telling you if the subscription share is active or not.
  • PAP: You can now search for orders by merchant reference in the orders view
  • Adyen notifications: Failed purchases in the form of browser failures will now be processed in the received callbacks.

Issues fixed

  • The External API for changing a renewal date, /change_renewal_date, will now give the correct error when trying to change renewal date on a subscription that is not provisioned by Tulo Payway. Documentation updated here.
  • Accounts with a large number of shared subscriptions would receive a timeout in PCP: My account and PAP: Account overview.