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Figure Meaning
This view shows the top selling campaigns and packages for the selected period.

Title filter
Lets you filter the campaigns and packages shown by selecting a title.

Top sellers
Choose one of the periods Yesterday, Last 7 days or Last 30 days to filter the list of top sellers. The default period is Last 7 days. The list is sorted by the number of orders during the period.
Selected campaign or package / Payment Methods

  • Displays the chosen time period and filter, press the filter button to change period.
  • Selected campaign/package
  • "Total orders", closed orders during the chosen period, not including campaign transformation orders.
  • "Revenue", total revenue of closed orders processed by Payway during the chosen period. Campaign transformation payments not included.

Payment Methods line chart
Shows used payment methods per day.
Possible payment methods are
  • Credit card
  • Invoice
  • Klarna
  • Direct debit
  • SMS
  • Autogiro
  • Free
By tapping the "legend" for a dataset you can temporarily hide that dataset from the chart, tapping it again will display the dataset again. Individual points can be tapped to see more details.

Chart filter
  • "Payment Methods", displays a line chart with used payment methods per day during the chosen period.
  • "Traffic Sources", displays a pie chart with the traffic sources used during the chosen period.
  • "Demography", displays a bar chart with demography, female & male divided into six age groups during the chosen period.
  • "Payment Periods", displays a pie chart with the purchased payment periods during the chosen period.
Selected campaign or package / Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources pie chart
Shows which traffic sources the orders originated from.
Each slice can be tapped to show name of the traffic source and number of orders.
Selected campaign or package / Demography

Demography bar chart
Shows the demography divided into six age groups.
Each age group bar can be tapped to show the number of female and male in the age group.
Selected campaign or package / Payment periods

Payment periods multi level pie chart
The outer circle shows period lengths purchase during the selected period.
Each slice can be tapped to show the period length and number of orders.

The inner circle shows the type of purchase (limited or recurring). Each slice can be tapped to show the type of purchase and number of orders.