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Credit a Tulo Payment

Target Audience: Administrators


As an administrator, you can easily credit completed payments in Tulo Payway. All you need to know is which payment should be credited, and what amount. Even so, crediting a payment comes with some prerequisites that should be taken into consideration:

  • The payment must be closed. A payment that has been created but not completed, that is pending payment, or that has failed due to one reason or another, cannot be credited.
  • The payment must not be fully credited. You can credit a payment up to 100% of it's original amount.

How do I credit a payment?

In order to credit a payment, simply navigate to the subscription of the customer that has the payment you wish to credit.

Once there, you will find a "Credit" icon next to all payments that currently can be credited. If the "Credit" icon does not show up, and all the prerequisites above have been ensured, the payment method of the subscription might unfortunately not support crediting.

Supported payment methods

Currently, the following payment methods support crediting via Tulo Payway. If you have any questions regarding credit payments and your current setup, feel free to contact our support!.


Billecta payments can be credited in the PAP, and is usually created, processed and completed immediately (as illustrated below). Note that this can vary, and the time required between the payment being created and the payment being closed/completed can take up to a few minutes.

Credit diagram - Billecta


Adyen payments can be credited in the PAP, but usually requires a few minutes to be processed and completed. Note that this time can vary depending on the specific payment method used.

Furthermore, completed credit payments via Adyen that have initially seemed to go well, can albeit rarely, encounter post-process problems. This means that the customer does not receive their money, and the Tulo Payment is marked as failed. Vising the Payment details view for the payment at hand would in this case reveal the reason for the failure.

Illustrated below is what the payment lifecycle might look like, for an Adyen credit payment.

Credit diagram - Adyen