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HTML Template Widgets

Target Audience: Users, Developers


Widgets are part of Payway's HTML templates. These widgets will allow you to set up an ID-based HTML block, which can then be used/linked into any HTML template.

How to set up widgets

In order to set up a widget, navigate to PAP -> Control Panel -> Widgets. The key you give the widget will be the identifier/what is later used to fetch the widget from the template (id in the example below).

This feature is by default disabled and will have to be enabled by Adeprimo. If you are interested in this feature, feel free to contact our support.

How to use widgets

In order to use Widgets, navigate to PAP -> Marketing -> HTML templates, and start editing the HTML template you'd like to insert a widget into. Afterwards, you can insert the following code wherever you want and the widget will be included when fetching it from our API.

<PaywayWidget id='my-widget' />