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Terms of usage

Tulo Engage Reporter is a licensed SaaS. The terms of agreement for Tulo Engage Reporter is included as an appendix to your organization’s existing Tulo-agreement.

The product goes under the SLA of the Tulo Agreement. Adeprimo has no obligation to help the user interpret their data, it’s up to its own organization. More information about the SLA can be found under Schedule 2 SLA.

The license covers usage of the service and of the application and storage of data, Adeprimo is under no obligation to present a roadmap. Adeprimo will listen to suggestion and make improvements to the product.

Adeprimo has the right to further develop functionality that may not be included in the original license, functionality that may have their own price-list.

Employees of a customer organization with a valid Tulo-agreement and a Tulo Engage Reporter appendix, have the right to use Tulo Engage Reporter. According to existing Tulo-agreement, it is prohibited to share your login-credentials to other users. Abuse of the Tulo-agreement can lead to revoked login-credentials. The login-credentials can be the same as in Tulo PayWay.

The reporter data shown in Tulo Engage Reporter is owned by the customer organization and it is up to the customer to decide who in the organization that should have access to the application and in which way the data can be shared or distributed.

Adeprimo has the right to use your brand as a reference for Tulo Engage and have the right to market other Tulo Engage products to your organization. Adeprimo also has the right to use the data anonymously to build insight that can be shared in the Tulo network.


Tulo Engage Reporter sends crash reports to App Center making it possible for us to resolve problems that occur in the application. More information about "App Center" can be found here:

Tulo Engage Reporter uses OneSignal to send notifications to a reporter's mobile device. In order to do that, relevant data is collected about the application and the device if user consents to receive notifications. See OneSignal data collection for more information.

Personal data that is collected and stored by Tulo Engage Reporter consists of email, name and a "reporterId" which is stored to maintain the user's session in the application as well as for usage analytics. More information about this can be found in the GDPR Appendix for Tulo Engage.