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Toplists and article


Every KPI on the overview page can be tapped upon to present a toplist for the KPI.

Figure Meaning

Each toplist lists articles ranked by the current KPI chosen along with the KPI value for a specific article.

Tapping on an article headline will bring you to the Article view.

Two scales are used in the app to rank the KPIs in the toplist. The scales have 4 value limits which are presented with 4 different colors.
  1. Article KPI value of total sum of current KPI

    > 15% Red
    > 8% Yellow
    > 2.5% Green
    < 2.5% Blue

  2. KPI compared to another KPI (0-100%)
    Used for Read/Views KPI

    > 65% Red
    > 45% Yellow
    > 20% Green
    < 20% Blue


Figure Meaning

The article view presents the same information* as the Overview page but for a specific article.

* "Time spent", average time spent on the article per view