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Adyen - Payment methods - Klarna

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders


This section gives insight into the Klarna payment method available in the Payway - Adyen integration.

Requirements for enabling Klarna as a payment method

Auto-capture (*required)

Since Payway provisions the digital content immediately after a successful charge we want to auto-capture Klarna orders made in Adyen. Otherwise, they need to be manually captured and this is not supported by Payway.

Contact Adyen support and ask them to enable Klarna auto-capture for your account.

Recurring payments

Payway will receive a callback notification with the recurring contract when Adyen has processed the transaction.

The callback notification should be received immediately after the payment has been completed. Or at most an hours delay may occur.

To enable recurring subscriptions with Klarna you need to contact Adyen support and ask them to enable RECURRING_CONTRACT notifications for your account. This will enable the callback notification to Payway.