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Change subscription renewal date

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 3.7.3



This features needs to be activated, Contact the Payway team for activation

This section describes changing the renewal date of a subscription. The renewal date dictates when the next recurring charge will be made. A renewal date cannot be changed if there is less then 24h left until the next recurring charge. SSI will emit an event when a renwal date is changed.


A subscription needs to be

  • Active, cancelled or frozen: The subscription needs to be in any of these states.
  • A recurring subscription: The subscription needs to be of the subscription type recurring
  • Tulo provisioned: Payments must be handled by Tulo Payway. Not a subscription system or third party.
  • Sync to subscription system: The renewal date needs to be changed in your subscription system if the subscription is synced. Depending on your subscription system the date might differ from the date in Tulo Payway. Contact support for more info.

Changing the renewal date for a frozen subscription

If you change the renewal date of a frozen subscription the subscription will be reactivated and the renewal date will be set to the specified date.

How do I change the renewal date for a subscription?

You can change the renewal date of a subscription from PAP.