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Email Service Integration - MailChimp - Customer journeys

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders

Creating your MailChimp account

In order to get started with your first customer journey through MailChimp, a MailChimp account naturally has to be created. You can create a free MailChimp account here.

Fetching your API key

In order for Payway to be able to send events to MailChimp, triggering your customer journeys, an API Key is required.

In order to obtain your MailChimp API key, navigate to Profile => Extras => API keys => Create A Key and follow the on-screen instructions. Be sure to save your generated API key somewhere safe, as you will need it later.

Configuring your sending domain

Having the MailChimp account created and the API key fetched, we can now move on to configuring your sending domain. This is a process that validates that you, in fact, own the domain that you say you do, and allow email's to be sent from that given domain.

In order to configure your sending domain, perform the following steps:

  1. From within MailChimp, navigate to Profile => Domains => Add & Verify Domain.
  2. Enter an email address belonging to the domain you wish to send your email from.
  3. Follow the on-screen guide provided by MailChimp to verify your domain. This will require changes to your DNS records.

Configuring your audience

While embarking your customers on customer journeys may seem simple enough, we must also know which audience the customers belong to in order for us to know where to look for said customers. This information comes in the form of an Audience ID, and can be obtained by the following steps:

  1. From within MailChimp, navigate to Audience => All contacts => Settings => Audience name and defaults
  2. Find your Audience ID, and save this ID somewhere safe, as you will need it later.

Note: If you for one reason or another have multiple audiences, make sure you select the correct audience before copying your Audience ID.

Configuring your first customer journey

Now that you have the required accounts and credentials, and verified that you in fact own your own domain, the fun can begin:

  1. Navigate to Automations => All journeys => Build from scratch.
  2. Enter an internal name, and hit Start building. This name is only used to identify the customer journey within MailChimp, and can be anything you want.
  3. Select Choose A Starting Point, then API & Integrations, then Event API. This will allow you to trigger your customer journey from the events coming from Payway.
  4. In the Event name input field, type in the event name that you wish to create a journey for, as shown in the table below. Note that the event name must be exact, and is case sensitive.
Event name from Payway Event name in MailChimp
OrderClosed order-closed
PaymentSuccess payment-success
PaymentFailure payment-failure
PaymentUserAgreementInvalidState payment-user-agreement-invalid-state
PaymentUserProductDeactivated payment-user-product-deactivated
PaymentUserProductRenewed payment-user-product-renewed
UserProductCancelled user-product-cancelled
NewAccountCreatedFromKis new-account-created-from-kis
NewAccountRegistered new-account-registered
NewCheckoutAccountRegistered new-checkout-account-registered
AccountActivatedForExistingCustomer account-activated-for-existing-customer
AccountRequestedEmailChange account-requested-email-change
ConfirmationEmailRequested confirmation-email-requested
AccountRequestedPasswordReset account-requested-password-reset
AccountPasswordResetComplete account-password-reset-complete
GiftOrderClosed gift-order-closed
VoucherCreated voucher-created
VoucherRedeemed voucher-redeemed
TransitionedToRetentionCampaign transitioned-to-retention-campaign
PendingSubscriptionValidationChange pending-subscription-validation-change
PaymentRetry payment-retry
PaymentRetrySuccessful payment-retry-successful
PaymentAgreementAboutToExpire payment-agreement-about-to-expire
PackageDowngrade package-downgrade
PackageChangeCompleted package-change-completed
PackageUpgrade package-upgrade
AccountCreatedWithPasswordReset account-created-with-password-reset

Once you have created or updated a customer journey, simply hit the Turn on button at the top-right corner to enable the journey for any customers triggering the specific event.

Sending your first email

Once you have gotten this far, you're almost through the finishing line!

Now, all that remains, is to simply contact our support. Information that must be included in this request are:

  • Your Mailchimp API Key
  • Your Audience ID
  • Your sender email address (the email address that your email's should originate from)

Once your support request has been sent and we have had time to process it, you can start sending your first emails from MailChimp!