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This section describes the Payway Title concept.

What is a title

Titles in Payway offer a way to have "sub-organisations" within a singular organisation. By making use of these, you can achieve the result of having a primary organisation with shared configurations/products, but with a clear distinction of "who is who" (or "what is what").

Example 1 - Multiple titles

"Payway Organisation" has been formed, and the idea is to have 3 different offices, working from different locations, with different products, but they would prefer if they could share the same customers, the same configurations, and the same environment as each other. Instead of creating three very similar organisations, a single organisation can be created, and 3 different titles along with it.

Example 2 - Single title

"Payway Organisation" has been formed, but as there will only be 1 office, there is no need (albeit the possibility exists) to split the collection of products into different titles. In this scenario, the organisation will be created, and a single title along with it.

If you have questions or concerns regarding which kind of structure would suit your organisation best, we'd love to have a chat!

Managing titles

Titles can be created and edited in the PAP. You can read more about title management here.