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Welcome to Tulo Exporter

Tulo Exporter is created to help you export all the data you need from Payway to your preferred service for data handling. It’s already in use for our own Data Warehouse solution Tulo Engage Data Platform and included in the license for Tulo Engage Data Platform.



  • We are adding new dimensions from Payway data to make analysis easier constantly.
  • Flexible export options.


  • We host and maintain the export service.
  • We are monitoring the service and will get alerted when there are problems.
    • Additionally, it is also possible to receive operational notifications to your own collaboration system. Currently Slack is supported, please contact us to enable this functionality.


  • All tables and fields are documented here.
  • Changes to the export can be found in the changelog.


Pricing is based on volume.

Volume (Accounts) Price per month
< 50.000 €300
50.000 - 100.000 €400
> 100.000 €500

Hourly rate for consultation regarding Tulo Exporter and related data: €120 / h.

For further information please contact:

Topic Contact