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Adyen - Merchant portal setup

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders


To enable the best experience between Adyen and Payway some setup is required. This section describes that setup process.

Setup communication between Payway and Adyen

For both systems to communicate with each other you need to have a Payway Provider Configuration that is connected to an Adyen Web Service user.

The video explains the process of setting up an Adyen Provider Configuration and connecting it to an Adyen Web Service user.

See here for additional information on managing Adyen resources.

Recurring payments

For Payway to create recurring payments, you need to enable this by logging in to your Adyen Customer Area, navigate to Developers > Additional data, and check the following settings:

  • [Card bin]
  • [Card summary]
  • [Expiry date]
  • [Recurring details]
  • [Realtime Account Updater Status] (Only needed if you have enabled RTAU read more here)


When do I need to set up notifications?

If you're setting up any of the Payway Adyen integrations you will need to prepare support for notifications.

Payway will receive callbacks from Adyen in a multitude of scenarios.

One of these scenarios is the case of a payment status "pending". This is when the payment has been accepted but not yet been completed.
The purchase can be considered completed for the end-user, but the final result of the payment is not yet known. Payway will receive the final result in a callback from Adyen. Depending on the result Payway will close or fail the payment and trigger the corresponding events. It is important to know that the customer is not provisioned any products until Payway receives a callback with a successful payment result.

Also in the case where the user exits the payment flow or does not complete the purchase for reasons unknown Payway will be informed of the result via notification.

How to set up notifications

To set up notifications see Adyen docs notifications. Make sure to use the following settings to enable notifications between Payway and Adyen


Environment URI
Adyen test
Adyen live

Communication Method: JSON

SSL: As of writing this TLSv1.2 (2020-03-02)

Active: Check the Active checkbox.


Contact Adeprimo for credentials. Please provide Adyen environment in question (test/live)

Additional settings

Select the following settings to receive customers credit card information:

  • [Include Card Bin]
  • [Include card info for recurring contract notifications]

Test configuration

You can test the connection between Adyen and Payway by pressing "Test configuration". If you receive the output [accepted] for every notification item the configuration is correct.