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Adyen - PCP redirect implementation guide

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders

When should I choose the custom redirect implementation?

You want to, as fast as possible, enable sales in Payway using Adyen as a payment provider.

PCP redirect is the easiest of all the implementations. Both in complexity and what is required from the implementer.


This document describes how PCP integrates with Adyen.

This integration leverages the standard purchase flow of Tulo Payway. If you want more customization options you may want to try the Checkout or Custom Redirect approach.

Before you start planning and writing code

Requirements and setup

DNS configuration

See DNS/SSL configration for redirect integrations

SSL configuration

See DNS/SSL configration for redirect integrations


See Adyen merchant portal configuration

Payment flow example

Sequence diagram

1. Clicks offer

User clicks an offer at and is sent to Tulo Payway - PCP ( to choose payment method and subscription options.

2. Initialize purchase

Tulo Payway creates a purchase session.

3. Login ticket

Tulo Payway creates a login ticket for logging in to PARP.

4. Redirect to PARP

The user is redirected to PARP( with an authorization ticket and a payment session id.

5. Fetch purchase information

Purchase information is fetched with the payment session id created in step 2.

6. Perform purchase

Adyen drop-in is initiated using the previously selected payment method in step 1.

7. Place order

User clicks buy button in Adyen drop-in at

8. Additional actions

Depending on the status received from Adyen, additional actions are performed until no further actions are needed.

In the case of a pending status, the user will not receive any content access until the callback from is performed.

9. Redirect back

The user is redirected back to PCP. Alternatively to the provided return URL in the purchase session.

For tracking and analytics

  • PageUrl: /v2/shop/purchasecomplete


Domains used to illustrate the example.

  • CNAME-record or A-record


Before going live please be sure to complete the testing protocol.

Code samples C# sample, Ruby sample.


Contact Adeprimo if you have questions or thoughts regarding the documentation and or integration. Or maybe you just want somebody to talk to.