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Target Audience: Administrators

API Users


This section describes how to manage API users in PAP

Create an API user

To create your first api user offer you will need to supply some information.

Field Description
Name The name of the API user.
Provision service If the API user is used for provisioning of subscriptions this will be the service in charge of the subscription lifecycle.
Redirect URI The uri to which the user will be redirected to after an auth request. Read more here.
Offline access Will the API users be used with refresh tokens. Read more here.
SSO2 client Will the api user be used with SSO2. Read more here.
Scopes With what scopes will tokens be issued. Read more here.
Origin URLs If the api users will be accessed using CORS you need to define the allowed origins here.

Create api user Example when creating an api user

Disable API user

While deleting API users in Payway is not supported, the functionality to disable an API user exists. Simply navigate to the API user you would like to disable, and at the bottom of the page, you will have option to do so. Please note that disabled API users cannot be used to perform any kind of request, and as such, this action should be done with caution.

Where can find I API users in PAP

  • Security => API Users