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Tulo EngageSubscriber


See your businessdata in Tulo Payway structured to give you valuable information about your business. Get a quick overview of the status and historic trends of accounts, subscriptions, orders and cancellations. The businessdata you own is now always available through your mobile devices for both iOS and Android.

Supported devices

Platform Min version
iOS 11.0
Android 6.0


Functionality in the app is divided into 7 separate pages/screens:


Basic dictionary

Contains the most basic words that is good to know.

Word Meaning Comments
Subscription A subscription can be bought through Payway, a subscription system or through an integration you have built against the Payway API. It gives a user access to content in your digital channels and has a starting-date and an end-date. By purchasing a "Package" in Payway the user will get a subscription that lasts a specific number of months before it is deactivated or renewed.
Active subscription A subscription that has not yet expired with no payment problems. In Payway, an active subscription is listed on "My Account" under "My products".
Share A subscription that is being shared with another account in Payway. An account that receives a share of a subscription from another account will get all digital access properties for the subscription being shared. If the account that shares the subscription cancels the subscription, all access is revoked to the accounts that the subscription was shared to.
Order When a customer purchases a subscription an order is created with information about the purchase. Such as information about the subscription being purchased, the delivery address and the payment method used.
Closed order A purchase order that has been fulfilled, i.e has been successfully payed. An order with payment method "invoice" is always considered closed/fulfilled upon purchase.
Transformation order An order created as a result of a campaign subscription transforming into a normal subscription. Since these are created automatically by Payway they do not count towards the total number of purchase orders.
Account An account represents a "user" in Payway. It stores data such as name, email, login-credentials and which subscriptions the user have. A user can have zero, one or many currently active subscriptions.
Title Corresponds to a specific newspaper in a larger organisation, usually a shortcode. Can be created and managed in Payway admin, making it possible to group packages and campaigns into newspaper specific groups. The name of the title is displayed in the app to filter data.
Tag Tags can be applied on packages and campaigns in Payway, making it possible to group specific packages and campaigns together. These tags are used in Payway to visualize data on the "Subscriptions" page in Subscriber. Tags are managed through Payway admin.
Provisioning service Every subscription in Payway has a provisioning service, which is responsible for the management of the subscription's lifecycle. In most cases the provisioning service is Payway itself or a subscription system used by the organisation. Some examples:
  • tulo (Payway)
  • KayakService
  • InfosoftService
  • CprofitApiService
A provisioning service can also be a third-party provider, for example if your organisation provisions subscriptions using the Payway API as a result of a purchase somewhere else, such as an "appstore".