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Payway payment methods

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders, Developers


This document describes the different payment method integrations available in Tulo Payway. Payway supports a large fauna of different ways to pay. From creditcard to bank payments or your standard invoice received in the mail. Depending on your needs this document can aid you in understanding what is available in Payway and how it can fit to serve your business model.

Differences in payment methods

Payment methods in Payway can vary from type to type. And even single payment method integrations can unlock multiple payment methods that in turn behave differently. Some payment methods are only available for one time purchases, and others support a recurring subscription model.

Tulo provisioned

Payway often refers to something being tulo-provisioned. This means that the lifecycle of the purchase and subsequent payments are handled by Tulo Payway.

Externally provisioned

When a payment method is not handled by Tulo Payway it is externally provisioned. This means that the initial purchase might take place in Tulo Payway. But the lifecycle of subsequent payments are handled externally.

Payment methods

Payment method Type Recurring support Tulo provisioned Supported countries Description
Adyen adyen Yes Yes FI, SE Read more
Autogiro autogiro Yes No FI, SE Read more
Billecta billecta Yes Yes SE Read more
Credit card creditcard Yes Yes FI Read more
Invoice invoice Yes No FI, SE Read more
Direct debit directdebit No Yes FI Read more
Direct debit recurring directdebit_recurring Yes Yes and No FI Read more
Free free Yes Yes FI, SE Read more
Klarna Checkout klarna Yes Yes SE Read more
Klarna Payments klarna_payments Yes Yes SE Read more
SMS sms No Yes FI Read more