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Email based activation


Please note that to support the activation process certain personal information is processed and the Payway organization needs to approve an appendix to the GDPR agreement with Tulo before going live with this product.


This activation type is suitable for organizations where the employees have email-addresses belonging to the same domain. With this method it is possible to setup an activation site for a company which will accept activation of digital accounts based on that the employee has an email-address that for example ends with or

Access to the subscription can then be managed through a administrative panel where it's possible to deactivate an account when the employee no longer works at the company.


  1. The employee enters their email-address
  2. If the email-address domain-name matches a registered pattern
  3. The employee is presented with a form to enter an activation code (sent via email) and password
  4. When the employee submits the correct activation code and a valid password, the account and subscription will be created.


When employees no longer work at the company, both the subscription and the account with subscription need to be removed.

For version 1.0 of the email based activation you will need to submit a support-request to have accounts removed.

In version 2.0 there will be an administrative panel available where administrators in the organization can list all activated accounts and also remove them.

In version 2.5 there will be an administrative panel also available for the company in question, where they themselves can list all activated accounts and also remove them.