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Traffic source

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This section describes the feature that is known by many names but should be referred to as "Traffic source".

What is it

Traffic sources are used to mark up orders in Payway so to be able to determine from where the order originated. E.q. Facebook, Twitter, the marketplace, etc, etc.

How is it used

Traffic sources need to be defined in PAP. If the supplied traffic source is not defined in PAP the order will not be tagged with a traffic source.

Where are traffic sources used

Traffic sources are used in all places where an order is created.

Today (2020-03-12) you can use traffic sources during:


Append source as a query parameter to the purchase URL.


Payway Klarna checkout API

See API documentation for more info.

Payway Adyen checkout API

See API documentation for more info.

Is it possible to change traffic source after order creation

Answer: No it is not.
The point of traffic source is that it marks the origin of the order creation. Not where the account last visited or what the last action of that account might have been.

How can I find out the traffic source of a specific order(s)