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Get account


Target audience: Developers

Release version: 3.9.1

Get current account


This endpoint returns the current account associated with the identity of the access token. Included in the response is information regarding the account and it's subscriptions. However, if you want to perform an access check to see what the customer is entitled to we recommend using Get active products.


Environment URI


Identity Scope
Yes /external/me/w

Curl Example

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer <access_token_with_identity>'


Example response

HTTP 200
    "item": {
        "id": "585a4768edce2c5e6f000001",
        "email": "",
        "status": "created",
        "verified": false,
        "customer_number": "12345",
        "tulo_customer_number": "00001",
        "first_name": "Kalle",
        "last_name": "Anka",
        "mobile_phone_number": "50460531",
        "birth_date": "1980-06-10",
        "social_security_number": "800610-8230",
        "social_security_number_century": "198006108230",
        "age": 40,
        "gender": "M", //Available only when the social security number is known
        "company_registration_number": null,
        "alias": "Kalle123",
        "account_origin": null,
        "address": {
            "first_name": "Kalle",
            "last_name": "Anka",
            "street": "The Streets",
            "street_number": "12",
            "staircase": "A",
            "floor": "3",
            "apartment_number": "13",
            "zip_code": "83242",
            "city": "Stockholm",
            "drop_box": null
        "user_products": [
                "id": "585a4768edce2c5e6f000003",
                "order_id": "ORGANISATION-1",
                "created": "2016-12-21T10:12:08+01:00",
                "updated": "2016-12-21T10:12:08+01:00",
                "product_code": "package_code",
                "title_code": "TITLE_CODE",
                "valid_from": "2016-12-20T10:12:08+01:00",
                "valid_to": "2016-12-22T10:12:08+01:00",
                "provision_service": "tulo",
                "subscription_type": "recurring",
                "subscription_number": "12345",
                "state": "activated"
          "identity_mapping": [
                "key": "Key 1",
                "value": "Value 1"
                "key": "Key 2",
                "value": "Value 2"
        "accepted_marketing_permissions": [
                "id": "5ba4a64509c04c5ab4000001",
                "type": "sms"


Example error response

HTTP 400 Bad Request
    "code": "invalid_parameter",
    "field": "account_id",
    "message": "Parameter must match format (/^[a-f\d]{24}$/)"

HTTP 400 Bad Request

Name Type Description
unknown_parameter Object One or more of the fields in the posted json was not recognized

HTTP 404 Not Found

Name Type Description
not_found Object The account could not be found

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Name Type Description
internal_server_error Object Something unexpected happened server side