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Frozen subscription

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 3.7.4



This documentation is valid for PayEx, Bambora payment providers

If a payment for a subscription renewal fails and the package has been configured to have a grace period, it enters the frozen state. The user gets a email with information that a payment has failed and should be renewed. The user enters my account and restarts the subscription by renewing the payment.

If the user fails to renew the payment within the grace period days the subscription is deactivated.

Grace period

The amount of grace period days is set on the package using the package editor in PAP. E.g. if a payment fails 16 july and the grace period days are set to 5, the customer has until 21 july to renew the payment.


Notification about frozen subscription

When a subscription enters the frozen state the payment_user_product_frozen event is emitted. An email can be configured for the event to let the customer know that the payment has failed and needs to be renewed.

My account

The customer visits my account where a notification shows that the payment has failed. My account

Renew payment

The customer follows the notification to renew the payment. Renew payment


Upon a successful payment the customer gets a confirmation. Confirmation