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This section have been deprecated, and you can read more about the future updates coming to the SSP under our Changelog.

1.4.1 - 20220928

  • Added support for external CSS
  • Maintenance/security update

External CSS

It's now possible to add an external CSS file to Tulo Self Service, making it possible for you to tweak how the application look and feel. The requirements for this is that you provide a link to an externally hosted CSS file that is publicly available. Please register a new support-ticket to enable this in your environments. - 20211006

  • Maintenance/security update - 20210825 - 20210519

  • Adding Tulo Payway SSO2 support
  • Maintenance/security updates - 20210421

  • Maintenance/security update

Stage - 20201211

  • Adding Tulo Payway SSO2 support for login.
  • Maintenance/security updates.
  • Moved changelog from wiki to documentation website