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Tulo invoice

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders


Tulo invoice payments are handled by Tulo Payway. That means that the lifecycle and renewal is managed by Tulo.


  • Needs to be enabled by Tulo.
  • An active agreement with an external invoicing provider like Billecta


Tulo invoice lifecycle

1. Tulo invoice subscription purchase

  • The customer makes a subscription purchase with the payment method Tulo invoice in the PPF.
  • The initial invoice period is created.

2. Invoice sent / Next invoice period created

  • The invoice is sent to the customer.
  • The next invoice period is created and the invoice will later be sent according to billing date (if the subscription is recurring).

3. Pending payment

3.1 Payment received before due date

  • The invoice is considered paid, when the sum total of payment(s) and/or credit payment(s) is equal to the invoice amount.

3.2 Overdue

  • If the invoice is still pending when the due date has passed, the subscription will enter into a grace period.
  • If the invoice is paid within the grace period the subscription automatically continues.
  • If the invoice is not paid, the subscription will be terminated.

3.3 Payment received after subscription termination

  • The payment(s) and/or credit payment(s) will be accepted and the subscription reactivated if the invoice is paid within the configured time limit.

4. Paid

  • The invoice is paid.

5. Next invoice period

  • Subscription is renewed according to the next created invoice period(#2) and a new invoice is sent.