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Add payment method

Target audience: Developers, Stakeholders


This section of the documentation covers the available payment methods at Billecta and how you manage them.

Available payment methods

Payment method Description
Invoice (email, mail) Invoice sent to customer either by email or your standard paper invoice
Autogiro User signs of using Mobilt Bankd ID
E-Invoice Used mainly for company invoicing

If you are interested in other payment methods available in Billecta. Please contact our support and have a chat.

Add to existing configuration

If you have an existing integration the setup is quite simple.

  • Log in to PAP.
  • Go to Security -> Payment configurations.
  • Select the Billecta payment configuration you want the payment method added to.
  • In the last step Available payment methods, select a payment method to add.
  • Click Save.

Add new payment period to package or campaign

  • Log in to PAP.
  • Go to Packages & Campaigns
  • Click on an existing package or campaign
  • Click Edit package period / Edit campaign period
  • Now the new payment method can be selected from the Payment method dropdown menu.
  • Fill in the desired values for the payment period.
  • Click Save.