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Target Audience: Administrators

User Roles


This section describes the various user roles available in the PAP.


A user role in Payway is what controls what you can and cannot access. Different roles grant different permissions. A user can also have multiple roles at once. Your role in Payway can be changed via the PAP by users having the appropriate role from your own organisation.


Role Access Description
Superuser Everything All permissions. Can also grant roles to new users. Warning: Creating a superuser in Payway should be done with extreme caution.
Administrator Everything but security Can access every part of admin except user rights management.
Customer service Customers, Orders Can access the customerservice area. Can look up customers, their orders and so forth.
Helpdesk Messages (Extension to the customer service role). Has permissions required to read, manage and interact with received messages in the PAP
Integration manager Export errors (Extension to the customer service role). Can access export errors and enables daily emails notifying the user about the current export-error situation.
Engage subscriber Engage Access to the Engaged-subscriber app
Tulo Distribution Manager Distribution Access to the Distribution platform (for those with distribution enabled).
Developer Developer Access to quality-of-life developer resources throughout the PAP.