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Payway payment profiles

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders, Developers


In Payway a payment profile is used to charge the customer when performing a purchase or renewal.

The payment profile will behave differently depending on the payment provider used, but your most typical credit card payment profile contains information and metadata about the payment method for charging the end-user.

Payway never stores payment method credentials

Payway never stores the actual credentials for a payment method. Only masked information is used for visual presentation or expiry notifications.

Order payment profile

This is the default behavior in Payway where a payment profile is created for each new purchase and stored in direct relation to an order.

This requires the end-user to input payment method information for each new purchase.

Features supported using order payment profiles

  • Purchases
  • Renewals


  • Enabled by default. No need for activation.

Account payment profile

Release version: 4.5.6

Account payment profiles are as the name suggests connected with the end-users account instead of individual orders and can as such be re-used when performing new purchases or when provisioning subscriptions on behalf of the end-user.

Additional features supported using account payment profiles

  • Start new subscription from PAP using an existing profile.
  • Start new subscription from our Me Create Order API using an existing profile.
  • Start new subscription from our Account Create Order API using an existing profile.


  • This behavior needs to be enabled by Adeprimo. Contact support for more information.