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Build your integration - Order placement

Target audience: Developers


There are multiple ways of placing an order using the Payway API. This section describes the different paths you can take and what is required.

How do I create my first order using the Payway API?

To create your first order you have a wide array of different providers and payment methods to choose from.

Payment categories

Pay using a credit card, bank transfer, or direct debit

Payway integrates with several providers to enable smooth online payments. And the list keeps on growing.

Provider Description
Adyen End-to-end payments, data, and financial management in a single solution. Get started with Adyen
Klarna Offers a number of payment options, including direct payments, and installments plans Get started with Billecta
VismaPay Offer payment methods to your customers easily and securely Get started with Creditcard
With Directdebit

Pay using an invoice

Payway offers several ways of offering invoices as a payment method. You can use built-in providers or Payway can integrate to your existing solution.

Provider Description
Billecta Invoice creation to reconciliation of incoming payments and bookkeeping, including possible claims handling. Get started with Billecta
External invoicing system Already have an invoicing solution? Let payway integrate with it. Get started with Invoice
Get started with Autogiro