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Self-service links

Target Audience: Users

Release version: 3.7.5


Also known as self-service links or ASO links

This section describes the functionality of self-service links. Self-service links are simply url:s in connection with the users subscription on the My account page.

  • Intermission: Let the user change set hens subscription in intermission
  • Change address: Let the user change hens address
  • Temporary address change: Let the user change hens address temporarily
  • Complaint: Let the user change leave a complaint
  • External payment info: Let the user view external payment info
  • Loyaltycard: Link to Loyaltycard
  • Frontpage: Link to home or frontpage

You can create and edit self-service link configurations from The Payway administrator portal. See the "Self-service" section in "Packages & Campaigns".

Changes made to self-service configurations can take up to 30 minutes before they appear on My account.