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Custom CSS

Target Audience: Administrators

Release version: 4.3.9


This section describes the functionality of Additional CSS, and how you can get started with applying your own stylesheets to the Portal as an administrator. If you are interested in how this reflects in the Portal itself, we recommend Portal > Custom CSS instead.

The standard for HTML-styling is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and is as such the only supported format for implementing your own stylesheet.

How do I add my own stylesheet?

  1. Log in using your Administrator account
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Configurations > Link external CSS
  3. Paste the Absolute URL of the CSS file into the URL section
  4. Toggle the linked CSS on/off by using the Enabled button, just above the URL section
  5. Click Save to save the changes you just made

In order to add your own stylesheet, the CSS file must first be uploaded to an online location where it can be accessed.

Finally, the portal will run through necessary checks to make sure what you linked is a CSS file, before attempting to load it. No error will be thrown if the file is unavailable.