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Query Parameters


These parameters can be added to the link to Tulo Shop to add more context about the order and the account created.

Supported parameters

Tracking, filtering and redirects

Parameter Description Stored in Payway Stored in Engage event
accountOrigin Corresponds to the newspaper title code, such as SOT for Sotkamolehti or KN for Kainuun Sanomat, this is added to the account if an account is created as part of the purchase. Account X
ref, merchant_reference, reference "Merchant Reference", could be used to add an external reference to the purchase order, such as an articleId or specific banner on the website displaying the purchase link. Docs: Order X
source, traffic_source "Traffic source", could be used to add information about the origins of the purchase order, such as specific channel used for marketing. Examples: "facebook", "email" etc. Docs: Order X
articleId If the purchase is initiated from an article add the articleId to this parameter, and perhaps also to "merchantReference". X
pid Paywall id, passed from Tulo Paywall implementation? X
returnUrl, return_url When a user has purchased a subscription this link will be used to take the user back to the website, for example to the article the user wants to read. Is displayed on the purchase confirmation page. X
backUrl Can be used as an alternative link back to the website from Tulo Shop, not to be mistaken for the returnUrl. X
utm_source GA support X
utm_medium GA support X
utm_campaign GA support X
utm_content GA support X

Auto selection/frontend parameters used client side

Parameter Description
campaign To preselect a campaign when there are several options presented (implemented for KSML?)
period To preselect a payment period when there are several options available (implemented for KSML?)
tc TitleCode, corresponds to title code in Payway. If this parameter is not set but AccountOrigin is, AccountOrigin:s value will be used. (both parameters will contain the same value). Also used for filtering KSML offers where they may add several newspapers offers to the same marketplace. If a value is set, this parameter will be added as a class on the body element, for title specific styling. e.g. logotype.

body element classes

Apart from the tc query parameter, the group key and marketplace key from the url to the Shop is also added as classes to the body element


The parameters are saved in a cookie when the original request to Tulo Shop is delivered from service side. From JavaScript all parameters can be accessed from a global ViewModel object using ViewModel.marketplace.params.

Vue components

The parameters can also be accessed in Vue components that extends BaseLogic, using getter queryParams. This means that they are accessible in Payway marketplace templates and widgets.