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Figure Meaning
Top bar
Back navigation and name of chosen tag.
The default tag is "All tags", all tagged subscriptions.

Yesterday bar
  • "Growth (yesterday)", growth of chosen subscription tag yesterday
  • "Revenue (yesterday)", total revenue of orders and payments processed by Payway yesterday
  • "Orders (yesterday)", total number of closed orders yesterday

Chart area
Displays the chosen time period and filter, press filter button to change period or filter by tag and/or title.

The chart contains three datasets, "net gain", "cancels" and "new orders" for each day in the time period. By tapping the "legend" for a dataset you can temporarily hide that dataset from the chart, tapping it again will display the dataset again. The datasets are visualized as line charts indicating the variances for the days in the selected time period. The days in the period are displayed in the X-axis and the values of the datasets are shown on the Y-axis. Individual points can be tapped to see more details.

Numbers area
  • "Growth (period)", for the period chosen, growth of active subscriptions.
  • Active subscriptions start of period displayed.
  • "Active subscriptions end of period", active at end of period summary
  • "Full price", active subscriptions at end of period displayed paying full price.
  • "Campaign", active subscriptions at end of period paying for a campaign.
  • "Net gain", increase in active subscriptions for period displayed.
  • "Cancelled", number of cancelled subscriptions for period displayed.
  • "Churn (period)", the rate at which customers are leaving your service as a percentage of the total customers in your service for the selected time period.

Period filter
Choose between last 7 or 30 days

Tag filter
Choose to drill down into subscriptions that are tagged in Payway with specific tags. Predefined tags are pw-web, pw-epaper, pw-paper, pw-paper-weekend.
"All tags" are all subscriptions that are tagged with at least one tag.

Note: To filter on your own tags you create tags in Payway admin and assign the tags to your campaigns and packages (available in the app the next day after the change)

Title filter
Select a title to drill down into the subscription data for a specific title.

Note: Add the title name in Payway admin to be able to filter on name (available in the app the next day after the change)

About Subscriptions

Subscriptions only shows data for tagged subscriptions

About revenue

As stated above revenue is the sum of orders and payments processed by Payway, this includes all initial purchases made and only the recurring payments provisioned by Payway. Payments managed by subscription-systems and third-party providers are not included.

About cancellations

On 2020-09-21 we will change the behaviour of cancellations in Payway. The change is made to treat cancellations on subscriptions provisioned by either Payway, subscription system or a 3:rd party provider in the same way.

A subscription will be treated as cancelled on the date the subscription no longer gives access to the product, which is the date the subscription is deactivated.

The existing data will be updated to use the new cancellation statistics from 2020-09-01 and will be updated during 2020-09-21.

Before 2020-09-21: Payway provisioned subscriptions were considered cancelled on the same day the user chose to cancel the subscription even though the subscription could be active until the subscription period ends.

About churn

Churn is calculated using this formula:

(number of cancellations in period) / (number of active subscriptions at start of period)

The basis for the churn calculations are derived from this article.