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After the release of Payway 4.1.0 this feature will be deprecated and replaced by the Timeline feature, you can read more about this feature here.

Target Audience: Users

Release version: 3.7.5


History logs in Payway keeps track of important events for user accounts. Whenever any of the events listed below occurs, a row to the history log is added.


No history logs will be found before 2018-08-08

Which events are logged?


Field Name Example value Description
created 2018-09-01T23:59:59+01:00 This is the date and time when the history log was created.
message Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Short description of what has happened.
user CProfit The user who triggered the event.

The user can sometimes be e.g. ‘System’ or ’CProfit’. This states that the change was made either by Payway automatically, by the subscription system integration, or similar.


Added 2018-08-08

  • Account created
  • Customer number changed
  • Request password reset
  • Password reset complete
  • Change of renewal date
  • Order closed
  • Gift order closed
  • Reactivation of subscription
  • Cancellation of subscription
  • Subscription freeze
  • Suspended payments
  • Resumed payments