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Adyen - Testing protocol

Target Audience: Developers


Before going live, use Adyens list of test cards and other payment methods to test your integration. It is recommended to test each payment method that you intend to offer to your shoppers in the testing environment, as in the production environment.

You can check the status of a payment in PAP or the Adyen Customer Portal.

What should you test

Of course, you cannot cover every little detail in the testing phase. But we've put together a small list to aid you in the testing process.

Typical scenarios

  • Standard package purchase
  • Campaign purchase without transition to a standard package
  • Campaign purchase with a transition to a standard package
  • Recurring charge
  • Verify export to third party systems, if applicable.

Simulate failed purchase

To test sad cases Adyen uses the cardholder name field to simulate failed transactions. See testing with cardholder name for more info.

At the moment the cardholder name field is only available in the staging environment.