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Settings: My account

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 3.7.0

My information


Here you can enable an additional tab on My account in the Payway portal. The intention of this tab is to enable the owner organisation to comply with GDPR and allow for the user to request having personal data in Payway deleted or to take part of that information.

What can be configured from the Payway admin

The tab on the Payway portal can be activated and deactivated and the following content of that tab can be configured. Note that the configurations are cached and that it can take some time for the changes to be visible on the Payway portal.

Request Generic Texts
  • The button text
  • The confirmation text shown after a request is sent

How does this work

When a user clicks one of the buttons for the actions, a message is sent to administrative users in Payway. The administrative users will then based on that message take the necessary actions i.e. deliver the users data or remove the account from Payway.