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Adyen - Payment methods

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders


This section gives insight into the different payment methods available in the Payway - Adyen integration.

Adyen supports key payment methods across different regions, channels, and verticals. Check out their list of popular payment methods that you can add to your Adyen integration.

Add new payment method

Step 1 - Add payment method in Adyen

Visit the Adyen portal and add the desired payment method. See Adyen - add payment method for detailed instructions.


Your payment method might required additional setup. Read more here.

Step 2 - Integrate the payment method in Payway

If you've already integrated Adyen into Payway once, you can simply update your payment provider configuration(s) and fetch the newly added payment method from Adyen.

With an updated configuration you can add payment periods to packages and campaigns. See admin portal setup for more info.

If you're using the PPF to perform Adyen purchases you might need to contact support to add resource support for texts shown.

If this is your fist payment method you might do well in starting from the beginning.

Step 3 - Testing

Before proceeding to a production environment and letting the real customers use the payment method you need to complete the testing protocol.

If you encounter errors in the testing phase, either with purchases or recurring charges you need to contact the Payway team. We might need to extend the integration to support that payment method.


The integration between Payway and Adyen works the same way independent of what payment method is used. That being said there might be payment methods in Adyen that require a different configuration or setup to work optimally. Either in Adyen or Payway. We will try to cover the payment methods that differ from the norm in this documentation.