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Flex Campaigns

Target Audience: Administrators


This section describes how to set up and start using flex campaigns in PAP.

How to enable flex campaigns?

Flex campaigns are by default disabled in Payway, and will have to be enabled by Adeprimo in order for you to start using them. Please refer to our support section on how to get in contact with us.

How to start using flex campaigns

Once flex campaigns have been enabled, you can start using them.

Flex campaigns replace the traditional functionality that decides whether a campaign should transition to the base package or end completely when the period the customer is on has been exhausted. Once a Flex campaign is toggled on, you got two options:

Subscription continues with base package

This will have the customer continue with the base package with a selected transition period, which can be either a day, week or month period. This means you are no longer locked to monthly periods, if this functionality is used.

Subscription continues with a new offer

This toggle will enable a dropdown list, containing all campaigns that have originated from the same base package. The campaign that is selected on this list will be the campaign that the customer continues with, once the Flex campaign period has come to an end.

Note that flex campaigns can be built in chains, so a structure looking something like "Campaign 1 > Campaign 2 > Base package" is entirely possible. A chain can, however, contain a maximum of 10 campaigns.

Manage transition periods

Once the flex campaign has been set up and you know which product the customer should continue on to, you need to set up payment periods, as you do with any other package or campaign. After saving one or more payment periods, you will notice a red warning at the top of the page, as well as an exclamation mark in the Overview-page. This means that, while you have set up a campaign as a flex campaign, and payment periods as well, no transition periods have been set up, which means we consider it as a "broken" or "incomplete" flex campaign.

To fix this, you can go into the payment periods view of the campaign, and a new button will have appeared ("Manage transition periods"). Once this button is clicked, you will land on yet another view, where you can select which periods on this campaign, should transition to what campaigns on the previously selected product.

If transition periods are not set up, the product will fail to transition to the new product entirely, and no subscription system exports will be made.

Payment period limitations

While flex campaigns aim to open up more possibilities when it comes to Payway and campaigns, there are a few limitations. By default, the following rules are applied:

  • Payment options that are not tulo-provisioned are not allowed
  • Payment options that do not support recurring payments are not allowed.
  • Payment option Free is not allowed.

In order to bypass these rules, you can follow the checklist below:

  1. Ensure your subscription system supports transitions, where a product can become another at the end of a given period.
  2. Contact our support, which will be able to help you toggle the rules mentioned above.
  3. Configure the flex campaign in Payway and your subscription system in parallel, so that the same "chain" exists in both systems.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any step of this process, feel free to contact our support.