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Reset password

Target Audience: Users, Developers, Stakeholders


If the user has forgotten his password it can be reset. The flow consists of the following steps:

  • User arrives at login page and clicks "Forgot your password?"
  • User enters the email address and requests a password reset
  • User receives email with instructions and link to choose new password
  • User receives confirmation of completion



The flow starts when the user clicks the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page.

Request reset password reset

Request email

The user requests a password reset by entering the same email as on the Payway account.


Hi Johan!

You have requested a password reset for your account.

Go to the following page: and follow the instructions.

If you cannot use the above link please use the following link:

Fill in your email and use the following code:

Best regards,


Above is a example email, the contents are configurable. At the minimum you should provide a link to the reset password page.

You may also include the confirmation code as text so that the user can copy the code in case the link is broken. This can happen with some older email clients. If the user requests serveral email only the most recent one can be used.

The name of the email template is account_password_reset.

Reset password

Choose password

Following the link in the email the user will be presented with a view for choosing the new password.


Choose password broken link

When the password reset has been completed the user is shown a confirmation. The user has also automatically been logged in.

API support

It is also possible to request reset password reset through the Payway API.