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Accounting records

Target Audience: Administrators


This section describes the accounting record functionality of Payway.

Where can I find my accounting records?

You can find your accounting records by simply navigating to PAP => Packages & Campaigns => Configurations => Accounting records.

What are accounting records used for?

Accounting records are currently only used for Billecta. These records offer a way to provide different tax rates and cost centers, depending on which area an order has been made from.

What can be configured per accounting record?

The following properties can be set for each accounting record:

  • Name: Name of the record. Will only be used internally within Payway.
  • Cost center: Which cost center these records belong to.
  • Project: Which project these records belong to.
  • Normal cost: The cost for purchases made within this record.
  • Within EU: The non-taxed cost for purchases made within EU and this record.
  • Within EU (with tax): The taxed cost for purchases made within EU and this record.
  • Outside EU: The cost for purchases made outside EU.