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One time password (OTP) configuration

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

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This section describes the One time password Configuration in Payway. One time password will henceforth be abbreviated as OTP.

Requirements and limitations

  • Only available with SSO2.

Where is the configured OTP used?

If enabled the customer will se a link "Login with an one time password" on the PCP login page. This is an alternative way for the user to log in. Read more here.

Where can I edit my OTP configuration?

In order to configure your OTP, you can simply navigate to PAP => Controlpanel => Configurations => One time password.

What options can I edit in the OTP configuration?

  • Enable / disable OTP.
  • Set your own OTP login URL.
  • Set how long the OTP should be valid.
  • Set if the OTP should only include numbers of both numbers and letters.

API support

It is also possible to request OTP through the Account API.