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Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders


Invoice payments are handled by the External Subscription System (ESS). This means that the ESS is handling invoicing and renewal of subscriptions when appropriate.

Partial payments

Release version: 3.8.0


Partial payments is a concept that takes a longer subscription period and splits the payment into parts without affecting the length of the subscription or the total price of the payment. This is only available for use on campaigns and is specified when creating the campaign. Partial payments are activated by creating a partial payment configuration (PPC) and applying it to one or many campaigns. The price of the subscription period is divided by the number of partial payments in order to form the price for one installment of the payment.


Partial payments are available only on Campaigns paid by Invoice.


Property Type Description
Name String Descriptive name, shown when selecting which partial payment configuration to set on a campaign.
Period Integer Period length that the configuration applies to in months.
Divisions Array of Integers Numbers of partial payments to split the sum into. The period must be dividable by each of these.
Enabled Boolean Enable or disable the configuration.

How the partial payment configuration relates to a Campaign

A PPC can

  • be applied to one or more Campaigns
  • only be applied to campaigns with payment periods of the same length as the period on the PPC
  • only be applied to campaigns with subscription periods defined as months, weeks or days
  • only affect Invoice payments