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Welcome to Payway


Welcome to Payway! This documentation will help you get familiar with the system and how to use it to its fullest potential.

Target audience

This documentation is primarily for:

  • Users: Those that use Payway Administration Portal (or PAP) in their day to day job
  • Developers: Software developers integrating other systems with Payway
  • Stakeholders: System owners, project managers and others in charge of Payway in the organisation
  • Integration managers: System administrators, in charge of dealing with export errors between Payway and the ESS

How to read the documentation

The documentation is grouped into the larger important concepts. Each concept is first described on a conceptual level. We encourage everyone working with the system to get familiar with these concepts. Every concept is then documented in more detail, targetting a more specialized audience, such as e.g. software developers and administrators.


It is important to use the same language when talking about software systems. This dictionary explains the concepts and words used when talking about Payway. Legacy Term refers to a word previously used in the Payway domain language, one that we currently are trying to phase out.

EN FI SV Abbreviation Legacy Term Link
Payway Payway Payway PW
Subscription Tilaus Prenumeration User Product Subscriptions overview
Grace period Jäädytysaika Frysperiod Frozen state
Payway Administration Portal Payway Administration Portal Payway Administration Portal PAP Payway Administration Portal links
Payway Client Portal Payway Client Portal Payway Client Portal PCP Payway Client Portal links
Browser Support Policy Selaimen tukikäytäntö Webbläsarsupportpolicy BSP Browser Support Policy
Payment service provider Maksupalveluntarjoaja Betaltjänstleverantör PSP Payment service provider
Payway purchase flow Payway ostosprosessi / tilausputki / ostopolku Payway köpflöde PPF Payway purchase flow
Payway Adyen Redirect Provider Payway Adyen Redirect Provider Payway Adyen Redirect Provider PARP Payway Adyen Redirect Provider
Voucher Etuseteli Kuponger Payway Vouchers
Gift card Lahjakortti Presentkort Purchasable vouchers Payway Gift Cards