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Retention Campaigns

Target Audience: Administrators

Release version: 4.4.0


This section describes how to set up and start using retention campaigns in PAP.

How to enable retention campaigns?

Retention campaigns are by default disabled in Payway, and will have to be enabled by Adeprimo in order for you to start using them. Please refer to our support section on how to get in contact with us.

How to start using retention campaigns

Once retention campaigns have been enabled, you can start using them. You will find retention campaigns by navigating to Packages & Campaigns in the PAP. A button will now have appeared next to each package, which will allow you to create the structure/configuration for retention campaigns. Once selected, you are presented with the following fields:

Label Value
Name This will act as the label for your retention campaign configuration, and will not be presented to the end-user.
Package Code This field will be pre-filled with the underlying package code for the package you selected.
Title Code This field will be pre-filled with the underlying title code for the package you selected.
Campaigns This will be the list of campaigns that, in order, will be included in the retention campaign configuration. Only campaigns based off of the selected package will be shown in this list. Note that each retention campaign can only have one payment period per payment option, and will otherwise not be shown.

After the configuration is saved, it can be viewed under the tab Retention Campaigns, and can be toggled either on or off.

You can read more about retention campaigns here.