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Email Service Integration - MailChimp

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders


By integration Payway with MailChimp, you have the possibility to tailor your own e-mail templates, as well as embark your customers on customer journeys, which is a customisable series of events triggered from an initial event.

Getting started

MailChimp Transactional Email

MailChimp Transactional Email's allow you to send a single email based on a triggered event. This includes (but is not limited to) account registrations, new orders, or even failed payments.

Get started with MailChimp Transactional Email

MailChimp Marketing Email

MailChimp Marketing Email allow you to send out marketing email via MailChimp, based off the customer marketing preferences set in Payway. This means that you can keep using your marketing email lists you are used to seeing in MailChimp, knowing that these lists are directly synced with what the customer has accepted or rejected within Payway.

Furthermore, if a customer were to unsubscribe directly from your marketing email from the unsubscribe link in your sent emails, this will also be synced and kept up to date with the customer's settings within Payway.

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MailChimp Subscription Tagging

MailChimp Subscription Tagging allow you to configure tags in Payway, and have these taggs apply to your customers in MailChimp. By implementing subscription tagging, you are in full control whether the initial purchase, renewal, or deactivation of a subscription should result in an added or removed tag in your MailChimp audience.

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MailChimp Events

MailChimp Events allow you to react on a triggered event, and based off of this, embark your customers on fully customisable journeys. This includes (but is not limited to) tips and tricks on how to use your site for newly registered customers, or discounted offers for customers who have decided to cancel their subscription.

Get started with MailChimp Customer Journeys