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Account Origin

Target Audience: Users, Developers, Stakeholders


This section describes the feature that is known by many names but should be referred to as "Account Origin".

What is it

Account origin is a free text field associated with a Payway account. It was originally a way for Payway to mark up accounts with a reference to where they were first registered. The origin of the account, so to speak.

How is it used today

Today, however, it is mostly used to mark what newspaper site the account originated from. This due to media concerns mostly using a single Payway instance and need to be able to separate accounts from each other on a title level. However, even though account origin is often mapped to a title in Payway implicitly, no strong connection or validation is happening in Payway for account origin.

Where is account origin used

Account origin is used in all places where an account is created. Mostly in the PCP during registration and purchase. But you can also supply it when creating an account using the Payway API.

Today (2020-03-12) you can use account origin during:


Append account origin a query parameter to the purchase URL.



Append account origin a query parameter to the different registration URLs.



Append account origin a query parameter to the activation URL.


Payway Account API

See API documentation for more info.

Is it possible to change account origin after account creation

Answer: No it is not.
The point of account origin is that it marks the origin of the account creation. Not where the account last visited or what the last action of that account might have been.

How can I find out the account origin of specific account(s)