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This section describes how to set up a package in Payway. You can read more about packages and their implications in Payway here.

Managing packages

To create or edit packages in Payway, simply navigate to your PAP => Packages & Campaigns => Packages. Once you have selected "Create a package", or navigated to the edit view of an existing package, you will have a few fields to fill in/consider, consisting of the following:

Name Description
Title The name of the package
Package code Code identifying the package
Article number Unique and generated identifier for this specific package
Integration code Integration code, used for mapping the specified package to a product in a subscription system
Vat percentage VAT percentage (accepted values are 0 - 100)
Show price excluding vat Decides whether the price as shown in your purchase flow should be displayed excluding VAT or not
Description Description of package
Short description Short description of package
Grace period Decides how many days it is acceptable for the subscription to not be paid, before automatically being deactivated
Read more about APR
Read more about frozen subscriptions
Title Decides which title the package should belong to
Accounting records Decides which cost center should be used for the package.
Rank Decides the rank of the package, in the case of a package upgrade/downgrade.
Products Decides what products should be included when purchasing this package.
Sales period The sales period of the package. A package cannot be sold before or after its set validity period (but can be changed at any time).
Can be cancelled by customer Decides whether the subscription can be cancelled by the customer. A subscription can always be cancelled by customer service.
Tags Decides what tags the package should belong to.
Gift purchase allowed Decides whether the package can be purchased as a gift (or only as a gift)
Voucher purchase allowed Decides whether the package can be purchased as a voucher (or only as a voucher)

Areas of usage

When editing an existing package, you will receive information about where the package at hand is used (that is, in which configuration). By making use of this, you don't need to click through every configuration that Payway has to offer, simply to find out where a given package is used.

This is currently implemented for the following configurations:

  • Retention Campaigns
  • Campaign ladders
  • Sharing configurations
  • Package groups

Managing campaigns

If you would like to introduce a better/different price than usual for an existing package, we recommend you check out our campaigns instead.