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Campaign groups

Target Audience: Administrators


Introduced in Payway 4.6.6, campaigns can now be grouped in the PAP. While editing various configurations based on specific, hand-picked campaigns can sometimes be a necessity, it can during other times be a huge hassle, and this is what campaign groups aim to eliminate.

Campaign groups allow you to create a group, consisting of one or more campaigns, to later use this group in various configurations across Payway. This means you can group together campaigns of your choosing, and then simply modify your configurations to use these groups instead. And the best part? We'll take care of the rest!

Configuring a Campaign group

Campaign groups are disabled by default, so before you can start using them, we'll need to enable them for you. In order to enable campaign groups, please reach out to our support.

Once you have the feature enabled, you can create your first campaign group. In order to do so, navigate to PAP => Packages & Campaigns => Campaign groups. In here, you will decide on a few things:

  • Name: The name the campaign group should have. While the customer's won't see this name, it will be used to identify the group across the PAP.
  • Key: A unique, read-only code corresponding to this campaign group, which can be used to easier identify a campaign group in API responses.
  • Included campaigns: These campaigns will be included in the group. You can select currently active campaigns, as well as across different titles.

Note: The configurations that use campaign groups are often cached, and changes can take up to an hour to break through.

Using a Campaign group

Once you have your first campaign group created, you will now be able to start using it. Currently we offer campaign group usage in the following configurations, though the list is constantly expanding, so make sure you check back every so often!

Campaign group priority

When working with a configuration that allows both campaigns and campaign groups to be selected, the specific campaigns will always take priority over the selected campaign groups.

For example, if a campaign purchase rule exists for "My campaign", and another campaign purchase rule exists using a campaign group that also includes "My Campaign", the first configuration will be used when deciding whether a campaign can be bought or not.

Field configurations

Much like what is stated above, a field configuration configured on a specific campaign will always take priority over the field configuration specified on a campaign group. However, to get a better idea on what the field configuration hierarchy looks like, we recommend having a look at the hierarchy table found here.