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Figure Meaning
Top bar

  • "Menu" click to activate menu to view other options and logout.
  • "Name", name of logged in reporter.
  • "Avatar", the avatar image for the logged in reporter. Tap to go to Settings.

  • "Score", current engagement score for the chosen time-period.
  • "Chart", visualization of the engagement score over time for the chosen time-period

  • "Purchases" the number of purchases related to articles for logged in reporter
  • "Views", number of article views
  • "Views (user)", article views for logged in customers
  • "Read/Views", ratio between actual reads and views
  • "Time spent", total time spent on articles by logged in reporter.
  • "Interactions", number of interactions with articles by logged in reporter
  • About the reporter avatar image

    Avatar images are fetched from "Gravatar" which is a public service providing avatar images.

    In order to see your avatar in Reporter you need to do the following:

    • Setup an account with Gravatar.
    • Register an avatar image that is connected to the email-address that you use to login to Reporter.