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Target Audience: Administrators, Integration Managers, Super users


Export errors occur within Payway when we try to export different types of events to the subscription system. The data being exported depends on the action taken in the system. Most often it deals with an account, order, payment and or other relational data that your subscription system needs.

This can happen for a multitude of reasons. Misconfiguration, connectivity issues between Payway and the ESS, bugs etc.

When an export error occurs we store the available information of that error in Payway. These errors can then be dealt with in a couple of ways described below.

How do you know if you've got export errors?

Everyone who belongs to the group "Integration managers" will be notified by email every morning on the current situation on export errors. Aside from the email, all integration managers see a numeric indication in the Admin portal menu on how many active export errors there are.

See Add account to "Integration manager" group

How to deal with an export error from the Payway admin interface?

There are a couple of ways you can deal with an export error. Most often you can try to run the error again if it's due to a temporary outage or bug in either system.
Sometimes the export error requires you to tweak the account or subscription in either system so you can run the export again.

Run again

Means that Payway tries to export the event again to the subscription system.

A typical example that you might be familiar with:

  • A customer purchases a new product.
  • The purchase goes well but the export to the subscription system does not. There are a number of reasons for this depending on your subscription system.
  • Most often the fix involves tinkering with the account/subscription in the subscription system or in Payway.
  • After that, you can run the export again. If successful you can mark the export error resolved so to avoid anyone else taking action.


If the export error is not relevant or does not need resolving you can ignore it.
Mark the error as resolved afterward.

Mark resolved

If you either run the export again successfully or ignore the error you need to mark it as resolved so nobody else acts on the error. This also removes the error from the active errors list.

Request support

If you stumble upon an error that you cannot resolve you can request support for that error. The payway servicedesk team will aid you.


If for some reason you discover that an ignored error should not have been ignored you can always reopen it and process it again.


Adds a comment without taking any other action

What kind of export errors are there?

When you click on an export error in the overview you should see a question mark in the upper right corner. Click it and you will find helpful information on the different types and actions there are. Or you can continue reading about them here.

How to enable export error management in PAP

From the Payway admin interface go to Security → Administrators. Add the desired account to the group "Integration managers" and a menu option will appear in the Payway admin interface for that user.

If for some reason the role/group is not visible in "Manage roles/rights", contact Adeprimo to set it up.

Autofix export errors

While some of the export errors encountered in Payway requires the attention of administrators, some errors can also be taken care of by our very own Autofixer.

Read more about autofixing export errors here.