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Adyen - DNS setup

Target Audience: Developers, Stakeholders


This document describes the DNS/SSL setup needed for a Payway-Adyen integration.

When do I need to configure DNS/SSL for a Payway Adyen integration?

If you're setting up either the PCP Redirect or the Custom Redirect integration.

DNS configuration

To enable sales using PARP you need to configure a subdomain on your DNS. You do this by setting up a CNAME-record pointing to PARP. Configure the records to match the values below. Insert your subdomain in place of *


Configure with a CNAME-record

Type Host Value


Configure with a CNAME-record

Type Host Value

SSL configuration

SSL will be configured by Adeprimo automatically. If you want to use your own certificate you need to provide this in a .pfx formatted file to Adeprimo. This, however, means that you will be responsible for the certificate lifecycle yourselves.

Whats next after the records have been setup?

After setting up the records you need to contact Adeprimo so they can connect the domain to PARP.