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Tulo Identity custom domain

You can connect your domain to Tulo Identity by using a Custom domain.


Custom domains are not included in the default setup and will incur additional charges.

Step 1

Choose the hostname you want to use.

Custom domain Description
hostname Your chosen hostname/custom domain. E.g.

Contact support and provide us with your domain and we'll get back to you with info regarding the next step.

Step 2

After we've configured your custom domain for Tulo Identity you'll need to create two DNS records to validate the connection.

  • Replace xxxx with the value received from Adeprimo.
  • Replace hostname with your chosen custom domain.


Domain Record Type Value
hostname CNAME
_acme-challenge.hostname CNAME


Domain Record Type Value
hostname CNAME
_acme-challenge.hostname CNAME

When you've set up the DNS records you'll need to contact support again so we can validate the setup.

Step 3

When we've validated the configuration you are good to go!