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Tulo VPN


Tulo VPN is a vpn-solution that will let you as a Tulo customer connect securely to our services. Connected to the vpn you will have a dedicated IP-address when you are working with services on the "" domain, making it easy to access IP-address restricted Tulo services.

It also will let you add IP-address restrictions in Tulo Payway Admin (PAP) making sure it's not reachable from unknown IP-addresses.

All other traffic except towards "" domain will use your own IP-address.

Target audience

This documentation is primarily for:

  • Users: Those that use Payway Administration Portal (or PAP) in their day to day job
  • Developers: Software developers integrating other systems with Payway
  • Stakeholders: System owners, project managers and others in charge of Payway in the organisation


To start using Tulo VPN we need to setup a new VPN-user and this is a one-time fee of €100.


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